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So where do I start...
with literacy?
with numeracy?
with everything else?

Focus on Dyslexia

...“success”, as much as “failure” are adult ideas which we impose on children. The two ideas go together, and are opposite sides of the same coin. It is nonsense to think that we can give children a love of “succeeding” without at the same time giving them an equal dread of failing.

...most children in school are scared most of the time, many of them very scared. Like good soldiers they control their fears, live with them, and adjust themselves to them. But the trouble is, and here is a vital difference between school and war, that the adjustments children make to their fears are almost always wholly bad, destructive of their intelligence and capacity. The scared fighter may be the best fighter, but the scared learner is always a poor learner. ~ John Holt

Sooner or later, for every child with dyslexia-type issues (let’s forget about a firm diagnosis for now), there is going to become a time in their school life where their reading difficulties are going to become a huge barrier to their learning.

The important thing to keep in mind is that it doesn’t have to be like this. Reading and writing are important skills for a child to learn, and shouldn’t be overlooked. But, children can learn History, Geography, Science... most things, without any reading or writing. It is sad to see children struggling in these subjects purely due to dyslexia-type problems.

When the emphasis for learning all subjects is on reading and writing, dyslexia-type issues can easily turn into an avoidable general learning disability. Home Education gives us the chance to take reading and writing out of the equation for most subjects. In this way education becomes less frustrating and more accessible for the child.

This section of our web site will explore the special issues involved in Home Educating a child with dyslexia. From general thoughts on how home education works in practise, through reading and maths ideas, to the question of "late readers".

Dyslexia Articles

Introduction to Dyslexia
A general introduction to dyslexia including up to date links.

About Dyslexia
Our family's story had a definite beginning, a time when we knew that we had a problem which needed our attention. Our five year old son had begun to show signs of severe stress.....

About Dyspraxia
You are all talking about Dyslexia, can anyone fill me in about Dyspraxia?

Dr Who - I am a Dalek
These are some writing activities that I have been doing with my 16 year old son, James, who struggles with dyslexia, and my 10 year old daughter, Liz.

Dyslexia and Home Education
Some families have found that Home Education works well for Dyslexic children. A different perspective on dyslexia - One family's story.....

Dyslexia resources and activities
These are some ideas which we have found helpful. Activities which you can use to help your child, without making him, or her, feel under pressure to perform

Fine Motor Skills
Some ideas for having fun whilst helping develop fine motor skills for writing

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HE-Special Blogs

June's Blog - June's son James has Dyslexia, they have been Home Educating for nine years.

Dyslexia Links

You can find our dyslexia links here.

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