About Dyslexia

Our family's story had a definite beginning, a time when we knew that we had a problem which needed our attention. Our five year old son had begun to show signs of severe stress.....

About Dyspraxia

You are all talking about Dyslexia, can anyone fill me in about Dyspraxia?

Dyslexia and Home Education

Some families have found that Home Education works well for Dyslexic children. A different perspective on dyslexia - One family's story.....

Dyslexia resources and activities

These are some ideas which we have found helpful. Activities which you can use to help your child, without making him, or her, feel under pressure to perform

Fine Motor Skills

Some ideas for having fun whilst helping develop fine motor skills for writing

Dr Who - I am a Dalek

These are some writing activities that I have been doing with my 16 year old son, James, who struggles with dyslexia, and my 10 year old daughter, Liz.

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