Fine Motor Skills

Some ideas for having fun whilst helping develop fine motor skills for writing are:

Drawing very large in the sand at the beach. Write a message for aliens to see up in space.

Painting the house with a large house painting brush, using water. Or washing the car with a sponge, or painting a fence/wall. (whole arm movements from the shoulders)

Drawing with chalk on the pavement, drive, or patio. Have a pavement art display.

Painting large letters on a poster - (making a poster or banner, making/painting a flag).

Waving a largish flag, or ribbons on a stick, in the air to make shapes.

Using different writing/drawing materials, ink, chalk, charcoal, tipex pens on black paper, different softness/hardness of pencil, coloured biros......
A dipping pen with pots of coloured ink is great fun to draw and write with - without any pressure to produce neat writing.

Lego, and meccano.

Weaving (on a small loom), french knitting, rug making.

Making coiled pots in air dried clay.

Those iron together beads you can buy.

Doing jigsaws.

Younger children will enjoy:

Hanging small washing on a clothes line.

Threading beads.

Sand and water play.

Eating raisins out of a small pot.

Wrapping up play parcels.

Playdough play.

Art activities, painting, drawing, printing. Sticking down pasta shapes, rice etc.. to make a collage.

Playing with small people figures and cars. Finger puppets and building blocks.