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I am Lily and I live in the North West of England with my dh who is recently retired and our youngest son.

We have three children, two of whom (ds1 and dd) are graduates in their early 30s with their own homes and families. We have three small grandchildren.

We share the home education of our youngest son Rupert, who is 15. We removed him from school at the end of year 4 when he was 9 years of age, immediately after a diagnosis of mild/moderate dyslexia. There may be other issues for him but we haven't pursued any further assessments.

I trained as a primary teacher in the late 60s but gave up work to raise our children.

Our home education days are drawing to a close now and we are preparing our son for college in September.

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Hi I'm Christine and mother to Thomas (aged 11) , and Caitlin and Christopher (twins aged 7).

We live in the North West of England and I work part time. Thomas and Caitlin attend our village school whilst Christopher, who has a diagnosis of Aspergers, is currently flexi schooled. This means that he attends some lessons in school but is otherwise taught at home. We have been flexi- schooling since March 2007.

We never dreamt that we would ever teach our children at home however after his diagnosis we began reading everything we could about the condition and were horrified to read the experiences of many adults on the spectrum relating to their days at school. What we read convinced us that the Education 'system' was actually causing harm to Christopher who was certainly not going to achieve his full academic potential and who was becoming more and more aggressive whilst at school.

The results of Home schooling have been dramatic , we have a happy and confident child who has shown that he is intelligent and bright when taught in a way that suits him.

The purpose of this blog is because we feel passionately that our current education system is letting our autistic children down. We want to other parents to know that there is an alternative to the constant stress on family life which you face when your child doesn't fit in at school. For us Home education has been a life saver and we have witnessed the benefits both emotionally and academically for Christopher. Hopefully this blog will give an insight into how you don't need to be clever or a teacher to help your children achieve.

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I have four sons:

- JJ, 11, has been out of school for 19 months. He is is above average in intelligence, dysgraphic, and also referred to as "highly strung" School just couldn't cater to that combination of needs.

- SJ, 9, has also been out of school for 19 months, and was removed after appalling bullying leading to him starting to self harm. He has a working diagnosis of Aspergers, Semantic/Pragmatic Disorder and ADHD. He is not your "average" learner!

- WD, 5, was due to start school in January 2007, however we decided shortly after removing the other two from school, that no other children of ours would ever go into the state system. He is a human dynamo, and it is fascinating seeing how differently he is developing compared to his older brothers, having not had the experience of starting school. We have recently discovered he has Aspergers too;

- JL, born June 07, is the newest addition to the mix, adding another layer to our busy family

Their Dad has aspergers too, and I share most of JJ's characteristics, so our life and learning is never "NT"! "Normal" family life is like a Goons episode!

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I'm Ann, home educating mother, living in Worcestershire. I work part time from home. My family are;

Tom-dh, former nurse tutor, retired early through ill health

David-now aged 19, was home educated from age 13-17. Dyslexic-now at college doing A levels

Alice-now aged 17, home educated from age 11-16. Dyslexic with severe dysgraphia-now at college doing As levels.

Lucy-now aged 14 home educated since the age of 8, has severe dyslexia, is dyspraxic and dysgraphic.

plus my three grown up step childen and two grand children, who do not live here, but come and go frequently!

We follow a completely autonomous way -where education is just part of everyday life!

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Who am I?

I am Abbie a home educating single parent living in Gloucestershire. My family are:

Ram - our son age 10, never been to school, and on the autistic spectrum

dxh - left us when he found I was pregnant but 10 years later we are still married and good friends, we just don't live under the same roof

Arrow - our 13 year old half blind cross bred dog

We live in an autonomous way so there isn't really a distinct division between education and life. I hope that by sharing our life in this blog we can give you a peek into how education works for us

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Who am I?   mmm... I'm a home educating mother of three, and I live with my husband and children in the North West of England. Our children are:

I decided to write this blog as a way of helping a good friend to understand Home Education. How we get through each day, as much as how Home Education works for the child. I've put it up on the website because I know there are many people who feel that they can't home educate their children - who don't find it easy to grasp how Home Education differs from school education, and how it would work on a day to day level. I'm only making a committment to write the blog for a month. October 2006. If you are a member of the he-special mailing list, and you'd like to have a go at blogging your month - let me know.

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