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The Smith Family

[De-registering a child from mainstream school]

Mrs Smith believed her son Peter had Dyslexia. At 6 years old he was already finding school a struggle and each day had become a very stressful experience for him. Mrs Smith tried her best to work with the school to find a solution to Peter’s difficulties, but with each teacher responsible for such a large group of children it was clear that the school was struggling to meet Peter’s needs.

It had been noted that Peter was having learning difficulties in some areas of the curriculum. However, because Peter was only six, the school were reluctant to look upon his difficulties as being any more than a “slow start”. This meant that he was only receiving the minimum amount of help in school, and none of the one-to-one teaching he really needed.

Peter was getting more and more upset and frustrated with school, and so was his mother. Mrs Smith already knew that Home Education was possible. She contacted Education Otherwise [EO], got in touch with her local EO contact, and researched Home Education.

Mrs Smith and Peter perservered with school for another year. The school continued to be reluctant to recognise Peter’s SENs, they had progressed a little way down the SEN path but not to the point of Peter having a Statement of special educational needs. Eventually Mrs Smith was convinced that she had tried everything in her power to get the school to give Peter the help he badly needed, but there had been no noticeable change in the situation. She decided to give Home Education a try.

Quite often people think that they should wait until the end of term until they deregister their child from school. But, once the decision had been made, Mrs Smith could not see any advantage in waiting. The next day Mrs Smith sent the deregistration letter to the school by recorded delivery.

Dear Headteacher

Re. Peter Smith - 04/05/1991 - Yr2 NorthernTown C of E school

After careful consideration I have decided to withdraw my son Peter from school in order to take personal responsibility for his education. As from the **/**/**, Peter will be educated at home, in accordance with Section 7 of the 1996 Education Act.

Please remove his name from the register of NorthernTown C of E school, in accordance with Education (Pupil Registration) Regulation 8(1)(d) 2006, as he is now receiving education otherwise than at school.

Please confirm that you have removed Peter’s name from your register by return of post.

Yours faithfully

Mrs L.G. Smith

Two days later Mrs Smith received a letter from the headteacher of Peter’s school confirming that he had taken Peter’s name off the school register.

Mrs Smith and Peter had begun their Home Education journey.

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