What I like about Home Education...

I came out of school in January 1999, because I was finding it hard to cope with the work, the noise, being bullied and no one really understood or seemed to care about me.

When I first came out, Mum and I bought lots of national curriculum books and materials similar to the ones used in school.

We tried to do some formal school-like work, but I became very bored learning stuff that was of no interest to me.

So, I now do project work on subjects that I am really interested in.  I also like to watch documentaries and other factual programmes.  I go to a local computer centre in the village where I live and have already acquired two certificates for information technology.  These are adult qualifications, which I found fairly easy to do because I really like computing.  At the moment, I am doing an Internet course, which will give me another formal qualification.

I use my computer every day for word processing, my projects and for searching for information on the Internet.  I also e-mail friends and organisations for help with my projects.

Sometimes we meet up with other home educated children for swimming, nature walks, or for trips.  I have made some really good friends.

The best things about home education are:

# Not having to endure the awful sound of the school bell.

# Learning subjects that I like, in as much depth as I like, when I like.

# Being able to go to the toilet without having to ask permission.

# Being able to eat and drink when I am hungry instead of someone telling me when I can.

# Having unlimited access to a computer and not having to share it with hundreds of other kids.

# Being responsible for my own learning.

# Being able to visit the library, museum, parks, shops and other interesting places when it is quiet.

# Not having to sit with bullies or children who make fun of me.

# There is no school uniform required because there is no school!

# Taking exams at my own pace instead of cramming it all in a very short space of time.

I really like being home educated because I learn a lot more than I ever would have in a school environment.  I wish we had done this sooner.


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