Art Links

Access Art
Visual Arts Online Workshop.

ArtisanCam North
ArtisanCam North is a fully interactive website which aims to raise the profile of contemporary visual artists for young people.

Fridge Magnets
Craft - Make some wonderful fridge magnets using glass pebbles and pictures from magazines.

Art Education
Art and Design Information sheets.

Software - Mac. Free trial. GroBoto is an intuitive 3D art tool for Macintosh computers, providing an environment where learning occurs naturally through the playful pursuit of cool images.

Software - The virtual construction toy for kids of all ages.

The @rtroom
The @rt room is designed around the idea of activity centers that encourage kids to create, to learn and to explore new ideas, places and things on their own.

What is a print
Woodcut, Etching, Lithography, Screenprinting. Learn what they are by watching the demonstrations, and view examples in the gallery.

Destination Modern Art
Interactive look at modern art with instructions how to make your own. Good for the younger children.

San Diego Museum of Art
Art Lesson Plans -- instructions for book making, mask making, collage... projects.

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